Halls of Ivy endeavours to provide the highest possible level of teaching to 14-18 year olds. We believe there are four ways we are different to normal extra-curricular activities: reducing class sizes to 6 students or less, energetic teaches who teach just 1.5 hours per day and  weekly communication with parents and school teachers to direct students to their goals.

First forming in the UK in 2013, the founder, James Harwood, had seen the potential of many students be lost in a sea of standardized testing and mediocrity. The educational company strives to exceed the expectations of its students by giving the opportunity to study desirable subjects and linking them together to form a detailed analysis of an "untaught curriculum".

After moving to Dubai, the company has been working with two schools to deliver vital learning and knowledge to the most able students. We pride ourselves on enabling students to empower themselves and become lifelong learners. It is our objective for our students to become the best: the elite. 
Halls of Ivy - Mission
Nurturing innovation, creativity and critical thinking in the most able of learners.